Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hale on a good night

Posted up on Bikerag and got a few takers for a 6:00 night ride. Paul has had some fork problems so I offered him to try out the Kona so that put me back on the Raleigh. I was a little nervous with the BB since I washed it, I got too much water apparently in it and it was not pleased with me. But sure enough shortly into the ride it loosened up and while it is not as smooth as it once was it is functioning. It felt a little foreign as I pedaled onto the trail since it has been weeks since I have ridden it since I was enjoying full suspension for awhile. Man did it make me quite a bit faster, I found myself pretty energized as well which didn't hurt. With Bentley at my side and a nice dry cool night of riding and some good riding companions I was really loving life! The ride went all well and we ended up making the normal loop out and then some different stuff back to the homestead. I was left wanting more but my body was saying I had enough. Very good ride and looking forward to Wednesday when i think the next one will be.

Goody hale

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