Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Throwback Tuesday

It's official, Monday is a struggle to put the throwback together, so I will now make it Tuesday as the throwback day.

The Pipeline Trail- Salt Lake City Foothills-May 2007
I have had countless good rides up in Millcreek Canyon, such great fond memories have been made in this Canyon including my first ride with my wife and it's even where I married my beautiful wife! I have always lived 10 minutes from the canyon my entire time in Utah despite three moves. This particular trail borders an old water pipeline that use to run down to the city. It has the most amazing views and it lacks technical and steep descents but it makes up for it with it's incredible views and full on experience from starting in the mountains and cutting a line out to the view point where things go from alpine to high desert. This Particular trip was with a friend from work named Josh, I believe this was my very first time on this trail and little did I know how many more time I would ride this trail and love it! I am getting very homesick thinking about Utah right now as I type this and can;t wait to get back and visit my in laws and get a good old taste of the good life in Utah. The dog is my friends a Catahoula Leopard dog, which is quite the trail doggy.

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