Sunday, November 27, 2011

Millas 1st Rip

Finally made my way out to Millers Pond State Park! I knew this was going to be a real treat from what I have heard and seen. I met up with Paul and Andy and we got cranking about 1:30. Immediately when we hit the I was harassed by feature after feature. The pedaling between the features was no easy task, this place was littered with rocks and spines and very very technical. The log rides were welcome and I have been progressively getting much better at them! They are a fun challenge and pose little risk of injury especially when they are a foot off the ground. I landed a lot of log riding success that day which made me happy about how much better I am getting at them. A lot of them I got on the first try or soon after. After getting worked for over an hour we made our way to the XC side of things which still had some features but it was really nice after all that session to cover some ground. This place is really great and I hope I can get back soon!

Miller first rip

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