Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Man's got to have dreams

So all the time I am left wanting new new new new. I bet some high end bikes see 1/4 of the use that I get all season on my rigs. I am extremely thankful for my two bikes and the fact that they are in working order right now. They are probably mid level bikes for their category and have been great bikes! The kona is pushing 6 years old it has been a great bike! I still have many original parts still on there which thankfully includes the hubs. I know this bike will demand a wheel set someday down the road and I will probably buy on cause I got good memories on this bike and it's still a good bike despite all the crazy over the top technologies that are out. The fork will be getting a much needed seal kit and oil change when the snow flies since it's been years of neglect....The Raleigh which is now a little over a year of abuse has seen new brakes, new crankset, new headset,a replacement frame and hopefully no more investments. It was a $1,000 bike that I picked up for $500 to get me into the rigid SS 29er market. Money is short so I had left out the comforts of modern mountain bikes and never looked back. Now with my decision I have really enjoyed the bike fully! I ride it 90% of the time and it's my go to bike. The trails that I ride weekly really are abusive on a bike let alone no suspension big wheels. I think besides having to replace parts on my two bikes I would very much like to add another bike to the collection. With a lot of research I have landed my sights on a bike from Trek. I find myself wanting some more cushion sometimes when I really want to push things and if I choose to I want a bike for it, and one that pedals uphill as well. There are other bikes I would consider but the one that makes sense for the $ would be the Remedy. Something to get me up and down these rock infested woods and a drop here and there. The 8.0 would probably be just fine but I prefer the 9.0 so I will set my sights high in hopes to have enough saved up by spring 2013.....dream away


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