Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 days strong

Yes I have been off the last two days and got three rides! So far so good, looks like tomorrow I will probably be forced off the bike due to rain but we shall see. I went on a ride with Pat today, I was planning on riding Hale but luckily I caught Pat on the phone before he touched down with wheels and he drove over and we headed up to Day Pond. I was extremely happy we did since this was a ride location I have been itching to get to. It was as good as expected and pushed some of my log skills which is always welcomed, I conquered a lot but certainly not all. Pat made it look easy but definitely pushed me to ride. Place was really good, reminds me of an intermediate Millers pond, everywhere I ride is so different at every location, I am such a lucky biker! Christmas is closing in and I will continue to ride friday saturday monday tuesday if all goes well! Just keep bringing the temps santa and not too much rain please. Enjoy the video!!!

Day pond goods!

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