Friday, December 23, 2011

4th day is good

Alrighty so I am doing good on my mission to ride several times before leaving the country and I am on the right foot. Last night brought heavy rains and I was thinking a ride was out of the question but upon checking out conditions, low and behold it wasn't so bad out. Actually it was quite nice, I was in shorts and T-shirt which in late december is just nuts. It's really weird for the temperatures to be so mild and no sign of snow in sight but you know what I am tremendously thankful. Today's ride was amazing as the sun popped in and out of the clouds and the wet ground was drying under my tire by the minute. There was more clouds than sun but none the less had the head phones going and enjoying the images my eyes were projecting. Legs are holding up good and strong and looking forward to another days riding. Today really was a great day and maybe one of my best ones yet, still plenty of time to ride as long as I can keep convincing LuAnn I need to do so!

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