Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Got out on another ride this morning luckily and very glad I did! The weather was warm to me which was not saying much when I pedaled down the road in shorts and a t-shirt, but by the time I began to pedal I was sweating in no time and very comfortable. I wanted to get back to the new trail I rode last night which is now called Billy Goat and for a good reason. I tackled it by the reigns on my 26 wheeled geared squishy bike and was glad I did since I had a suffer fest on it the night before. It's a really good trail and look forward to getting to know it well. I had the tunes in my ears which is a rare thing these days because I seem to forget or are always riding with other people so it added A VERY VERY nice touch to the ride. Had me hooting and hollering with smiles and lyrics all by myself. Good thing the hunters are done with because they may have been disturbed by this euphoric person in the middle of the woods. So for the most part it was gloomy but by the time I was done with the goat it began to rain lightly. It added a really cool element top the ride to make it even better with the wet ground that seemed to be very busy despite the winter it was flowing water, green ferns, slick rocks and just added a little to the nature scene. I was as usual reminded of how great is to be out on my bike in the woods just riding away. I wish bentley was with me but I wanted to keep him clean and give him a rest. It began to rain harder so I planned my escape through wiggle and to the road I went. By now I was pretty wet but not phased one but, could of rode a lot more but duty calls. Two rides down, more to come, vacation is so great! See where tomorrow brings me....

Reverse goat at hale

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  1. I am super bummed to be at work with such amazing temps for the season (50+) and then super bummed that as the day is coming to an end the rains are coming... I was ROBBED of a rare day today... boo that! Glad you got to take advantage!

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  3. don't be too bummed today is a nice day but watchout for friday looks crappy, I felt like I was playing hooky from work or something riding daylight on a weekday, but it was awesome!