Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Recap Tuesdays!

Slick Rock Trail Moab Utah-September 20 2008

The infamous over rated slick rock trail of Utah has been a hotspot for a long time now. I agree it is one of kind being in the unique landscape of Moab one cannot help but feel the special connection to this trail. But seriously it was a long 10 mile ass beating that I took on a brand new big travel full suspension bike. I was in Moab on my second trip and was with my wife and another couple. We escaped in the morning to arrive to Slick Rock being pretty quiet and got cranking. The hills were quick and almost seemed to be on impossible angles at times but traction was great. Being September it was a really nice day and the temperatures were not scorching as they could be. I can't remember how long the ride took but it did seem forever and after the first hour I had enough but continued to take the beating. If I cam all this way to slick rock I was doing the whole thing. There were some fun spots and probably could of found some great play stuff but we were short on time and had to accomplish the task at hand. So after some while and a lot of brain jarring the mission was over. I left there with a good ride but knew next visit it would not be on the list. Moab is an absolute incredible place and people flock from all over the world and to offer as many trails as they do in the area is crazy. A lot of my Moab rides left me saying to myself I am glad I live in northern Utah because the riding is Soooooo much better. Why people go nuts over Moab riding is beyond me, I think with the distance people travel to it they are left with nothing but having to say it was great riding. Now I am just being bitter, being one sided but I guess I just love my tires firmly planted on moist dirt surrounded by wild flowers and alpine forests. Look at that pretty new bike I wish it was still with me.....

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