Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday My Little Guy!

My best fluffy white pal had his third birthday today! He has been an incredible dog to our family and I would do anything for the little guy. He came to us in a van where we met him for the first time in Nephi Utah with him and his little dark colored brother, his tongue was slightly out and at 12 weeks he was an adorable sight. The white guy was the chosen one and it was an impossible decision to only take one but were forced to so the little delicate guy came home with us. His name was to be Bowie in honor David Bowie, wife is a bit of a fan. When he got home he did not do a single thing for the next two days, no poops no pees no food, just lots of sleeping and chasing feet. He was the most adorable thing I had ever seen with his big eyes looking widely into the world at the people he will now grow to rely on for the rest of his life. We would have the honor for him to light up the room when we walk in the door to greet us in excitement with a wagging tail and a smile on his fluffy face. After a few days he began to be more adventurous and with lots and I mean lots of cleaning up little man's messes. I remember the first few weeks he clung to my pillow as I would sleep not moving an inch and I enjoyed his company equally wearing him like a wig on my head. He was adorable, and a bundle of pure joy and happiness. He was a tough housebreaker but consistency and many 3am and 6am alarms were set but it all came together as he grew a bit every day. Bowie followed LuAnn absolutely everywhere and was her shadow and always kept her great company while I was off at work. He is a great dog and would grow up into all we could ask for. Bowie has seen the narrow slot canyons of horse canyon, and the goblins of goblin valley and the adventure capital of Moab. He has Mountain Biked in a backpack on a two thousand descent from the top the Wasatch to the bottom, he has driven across the whole US and partied and puked in more cars than you can imagine. He now resides as the local tough guy in a home in Coventry where he gets daily playtime with his younger brother who he bosses around on the regular and eats less than he deserves but he has an overwhelming place in our hearts and could not imagine life without him. Bowie if I could only tell you how much you mean to us which we do anyway despite communication I think you have an idea of how much we appreciate you. Happy birthday buddy.

More Pics to come monday