Thursday, December 8, 2011

Milers With My Music

So I found you tube to be my primary up loader for movies since it gives you the option to watch in four different qualities. It automatically starts on anybody after clicking at 360p but it does have the option to ramp it up a little to a maximum 720p.
But since I have had to re edit due to you tube not playing my music for copyright stuff and have trouble with settings for the movie to be allowed to play on your smart phone I have quit and gone back to vimeo. Vimeo quality seems to be downgraded by such a little bit but it does matter to me but so be it, vimeo from here on out as far as I know. Vimeo is not giving me a link I can get to do the actual click and link.....lame


  1. The music license thing can be pretty annoying on Youtube... but couldn't play this video on my iPhone

  2. I just noticed the same problem, I guess it takes a link to get it going and that link won't work without being copied and pasted.....annoying