Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rock N Rolling

Set off on another ride today for round 5! A brilliant sun filled the saturday morning pushing me out of bed and I eventually filled my void in a ride of the day. I left the house about 11:30 with surprisingly a fresh set of legs. Really strange how my body has taken no notice the beating I have put on it the last 5 days but they keep working I will keep pedaling! Some 42 miles have been accomplished and unsure if any more are in my future, theres a lot of stuff that needs to fit in the car for my parents house in the next few days and I don't know if my bike can be one of them. Wether today was my last ride or not I am mighty pleased with the christmas vacation riding I got in. I started off on the other side of the road which I have grown a little apart from since the winter storm we had, it was in good shape and missed it quite a bit. Some small parts still show a sign of the work me and Paul had done raking it and it's sad how many leaves were back at it. I do plan to clear it once more before spring if all goes well. While I was riding it had reminded me of Paul and how we were out there repairing bridges and features and how it kinda stunk that there are no more rides with Paul but I am sure he is just doing fine over there in Arizona land. After that was done, I was off the the goat and got a beating that was awaiting me as I expected. There are a couple really tight uphills that are pretty tricky but they sure get me frustrated but present a challenge for me every time. After the goat was done I made my way up high to the rocks where I came upon the big down tree log ride where it normally takes many attempts but this time I got it on the first shot! I was so happy, log riding this year has really paid off tremendously. It presents a much more desirable challenge out on the trail, I was never hard on myself to reach that tough climb or not put a foot down, but log rides get me worked up and feel great when they are accomplished which I am sure is how some others feel when they're racing or climbing or completing some sort of challenge. Anyway I took a seat for a few and said my peace and thanks and was on my merry way. Eventually ending up on wiggle on a very good loop and one I just made for the first time. I nearly called the quit on that trail, I guess the cereal and toast didn't do it for me since right before wiggle I felt this terrible pain in my belly that was down right scary, come to find out it was hunger. I began to yawn one after the other and light headed and the legs were pedaling but the mind was completely gone. I have never felt like this and am not ever looking to have that feeling again so I will definitely be carrying emergency food for next rides. I nearly called LuAnn to pick me up since I was unsure and feeling quite sick, but I hung in there and by the time I pedaled down the street I had food on my mind. I ran in the house and ate the first thing I found, some crackers, followed by a real lunch and immediately felt better. I sound like a jolly chunker but seriously I never felt like that before, and I have plenty fat reserves that I thought for sure always had my back. Ok I think I will finish up now, happy holidays everybody!

A cool part of Goat in the pines

The view from the top, not a tremendous one but it's great

More of a good thing

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