Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Recap Tuesday "late again"

May 11th 2009-Bountiful Utah

My good friend Brent and I heard about a trail callled the Boutiful Bomber so we decided to go check out what it wa about. There are videos of a race that takes place here, the trail informtaion was confusing and I feel like we rode some of it but not all of it. But none the less it was a fun ride. Was also a shuttle ride which is always great. We started right at the snow line and worked our way down on a warm spring day. I still wish I got a chance to go back and explore more but unfortunately I never did.


  1. We should do that trail again. I was driving up that dirt road a few weeks ago and saw some bikers going down a completely different area. Maybe they were lost too though... I miss that old bike, such a smooth ride it was.

  2. Yeah I really think we went wrong was still a fun ride no doubt.