Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wet Satrday Morning

Got out on a good rip with Paul and Pat this Saturday morning. The energy was high but wasn't feeling 100% but it was a good ride. The way up the carriage was soaked and the trails were wet but not soft so I assure no harm was done. I thought this was my last ride with Paul before he headed back to AZ but I was wrong so that was great news. I brought the go pro but found it pretty boring to shoot video since being at millers the last two weeks. We cranked up blue shot over yellow and then back to red and so on. Played a minute on a log and pat nailed it In reverse. Paul took the good route and I was footage man. Headed over tinti and chased down Paul with great success. Over to the reservoir and standard way back home. By then I was feeling pretty fatigued for some reason and still do at the moment but no biggy. We shall see what time Sunday brings hopefully a ride.

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