Monday, June 4, 2012

2 months later back to Case

So LuAnn was buried in chemistry homew work Friday so I took advantage and got out on trail after work. It was a mighty fine day for a ride before the rain came. I was on the Tanuki loving life as usual and had Bentley in tail. We made our way out on blue and out until the end and then Tinti and to the reservoir so my doggy could have a swim. He was loving it and I don’t blame him, the water was like a bath tub. I really wanted to get in but felt funny doing it for some reason, maybe the other dog owners might look down on me who knows. Certainly next time I will surely join in on a swim with him. By the time I got back to the car 2 ½ hours later I was ready to go home and start the weekend. Haven’t been riding much lately due to rain and other things but still trying to do a bare minimum 3 rides a week which is proven to be tough. One way or another just one day a week keeps me plenty happy. I took Bentley with me to Case in hope to avoid the ticks since he has never got one there, I was wrong. I peeled three off of him in the next 24 hours. Those little SOB’s I hate them so much, they’re so sick and carry such nasty diseases. Luckily they were large dog ticks and are not much harm. I am getting sick of peeling them off of me, seems every ride I get one. Now I don’t think LuAnn will allow him to go with me for awhile since he keeps brining them into the house, He likes the rides but he doesn’t go nuts either. Everytrail ap failed so I re uploaded and seemed to do the trick.


  1. That trail picture looks amazing.. and the bike is looking mighty sweet!

  2. Yea that's the Tinti trail, it seems to look better every time I ride it, such a great smooth rolling trail I just wish it had moooooorreee length but I will take what I can get