Monday, June 11, 2012

One Fine Day

Great weekend, unfortunately it did not consist of Mountain Biking but a good time was had without it. We decided to celebrate our halfway mark in LuAnn’s pregnancy so after hearing a few things here and there about this Cliff walk in Newport Rhode Island we went on a small adventure. It was just under a 2 hour drive and as we got over the bridge I started to get excited, just the drive over the bridge was pretty spectacular. We drove through a very busy downtown area that was very nice and then on to Narragansett Avenue where we got out for our walk. We found the coastline and it really was as beautiful as everyone said it was. Unfortunately it was just as crowded as everyone said it was as well. Snapped some pictures and walked a good 1.5 miles and then turned around. On the way back the sun popped out and lit up the coastline, I could not believe how nice and clear the water was compared to Connecticut’s nasty Long Island Sound. It was great to be out on a stroll with the two of us, I mean three of us since our fifth family member is in her belly! We then made our way The Fifth Element restaurant where we had a great meal. It really was a great day and very happy we got to spend it together relaxing on such a great day. I look forward to getting back there and hope it’s sooner than later.

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