Thursday, June 28, 2012

21 mile day

Ok let’s get back to riding! The weather subsided and Wednesday was a ride day. I sent an invite to Colin for a Hale morning ride and he was game so we met 6am and got cracking. The trails were in very good shape after all that rain despite the pools of water at the entrance. We hit the other side of the road and began sucking wind pretty quick after 7 days off the bike. I was an absolute mess as far as my technical game; every stupid thing sent me to my feet. Everything else came together fortunately as we pressed on for a solid 10 miles of trail. The weather was absolutely perfect, a really nice breeze just felt so great. Did my work thing after the ride and was wondering as the day went on if I was sending myself into doom since I was committed to a quick ride that evening at Shenipsit. With a red bull under my belt I was hoping to keep up, I did that barely while I pedaled at the back of the pack. We had 7 people and rode the crap out of snip, it was a good time for sure and trails were good. It consists of a lot of dirt roads and wide ATV track and some single track. The eclectic mix was welcomed and at time had smooth level offerings. I got my butt handed to me but had a great ride and will be back there soon to do some more. Added up the mileage and hit 21 miles which is a good start to a ride week for me so great!

Good as it gets

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