Monday, June 25, 2012

Goody good stuff

Great weekend! No riding since Wednesday but that’s no big deal since I whored my bike out previously. Lost power at 4pm Friday as a powerful storm rolled in caught me UN prepared as I had no gas for the generator. So when I arrived home after escaping the darkness and the power was not on I was really kicking myself. Slept a few hours and was awake most the morning since it was uncomfortably hot. Fan kicked on around 4am and we were extremely happy! Surprisingly we left the house about 8am for our planned boat trip to Candlewood, had a really great time out on the lake with our dogs and each other. LuAnn is doing so great and handled the boat like a champ and so did our little baby boy. Last night we washed our mounting pile of baby clothes that has accumulated already, really really excited to meet this little guy!

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