Friday, June 15, 2012

Finally the rain stopped and I got the chance to get out on a ride. I was really excited to ride and the weather was just sooo nice. As I pulled my bike out I saw the wash bucket I left out from washing the car and saw it had like 4 inches of water in it! Expecting a mud show I was very surprised as to how well Hale soaked it right up. I took Bentley with me and was hoping desperately the frontline I put on hours before the ride would keep the ticks off of him. It was awesome having him by my side as we took a strip of trail that connects to the main trail area. I was not sure if I was joining the other guys for their weekly 6pm ride, I had 30 minutes to make that choice so I eventually decided to join those guys after getting in a quick 2 miles. This is a fast moving group for sure, had me in the back of the pack the whole ride for the most part riding a comfy pace with my dog. Bentley was a fire cracker, eager and polite of a trail dog as can be. He has only been on a handful of rides this spring since he is a tick magnet and I don’t want the poor feller to get sick or get us sick. Onward we pressed up some real greasy trail, made it near impossible for me in locations to get traction even with my 2.5s I really need to ride more sitting down but I just can’t feel the power I do when I am standing up. Lots of rocks were slick and roots and every single one of them nearly wiped me out, I was not very graceful or flowing last night but I was riding and I was happy. Got home and went through the dog and found one creepy crawler and then an hour later found three more……Little jerks Grrrrrrrrrrr. This weekend should be filled with rides, LuAnn is studying like mad and if I get work finished early enough I shall ride before we go see a show “The Man of La Mancha”. Saturday we celebrate father’s day so should squeeze one in that morning and then Sunday I shall repeat.


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