Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mansfield Hollow 1st Run

Yeeeeeeah fresh meat! So Mansfield Hollow lies just 20 minutes from my house and little did I know I was missing out. Luckily I had Pat clearing spider webs and giving me something to follow as we went from trail to trail. At first things were very wide, very smooth and pretty uneventful, things narrowed slowly and started to feel more like a Mountain Bike trail. Got through the thick stuff and peeled that stinkin tick off my leg as he was trying to make a new home and then continued up one steep mother of a hill. I felt like I was climbing up a Park City ski run trail in the summer....siggghhh The singlespeed was an absolute crapshow, I had a chain that was extremely tight due to my laggin lazy bike mechanics. Come to find out about this problem which I have had with every chain was due to my gear ratio setup which left the chain always very loose or very tight regardless of EBB. The front brake was dragging and the rear as well. With this triple threat it felt like I was dragging a wakeboarder behind me uphill. Despite the bike issues Pat luckily put up with my whining and whimpering and still showed me the way. This palce was great, especially as we were headed back there were some great very quick steep climbs and roller coaster rides. I will surely be back to explore some of the stuff I saw as we went by and get to learn this place better. The sun had set on the last trail which was especially memorable as it hit through the trees over the lake, pretty good stuff. Dunked my head in the lake which made the entire evening.

Mansfield hollow 1st

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