Monday, June 4, 2012

The Raleigh is just about finished! I got around to the bike shop to have them throw in the headset and when I got home I put the rest of the bike together. I ran into a problem on the final piece which was when I installed the chain and found it to be 2 or so link too small Grrrrrrr!!!!! I guess the frame size is slightly different so I will now be getting a new chain. I still rolled it around the basement and it felt smooth especially that new bottom bracket! Another 100$ invested in parts and it’s ready to roll for another season I hope. I gave up on the whole fork painting, I had spent two days stripping, priming, sanding and painting only to ruin all of my work when I touched the paint stupidly before it being dry. So I sanded it back to bare metal which is probably the closest it will get to matching silver and the more rust it gets the more it will start to color match the orange on the bike hahahah. I got the Dawg in the car today hoping weather will remain stable for a ride, please don’t rain.

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