Monday, June 18, 2012

Strong Like Bull

Finally a weekend full of riding! I must say not one of these rides was I tired or not completely into riding, it was great. Friday I rode Nathan Hale after I got home from work. I was back on the Dawg since I like to put a beating on it while my new bike gets more reserve time. The difference is pretty huge but at the end of the day it does the trick right. I did another new loop at Hale and really was a great way to kick off the weekend. Saturday I joined John and Pat at Middlesex. I love these trails; they are really great and offer a lot of work and payoff. I was nervous to join this ride to be honest, but I was on my game and felt really good keeping up with the pack. I was on the Tanuki this ride and was enjoying the smooth operator that it is. At about the 90 minute mark I heard a clunk and then heard some racket and before I looked I knew what happened. There the derailleur hung mashed into the spokes… pretty spokes suffered some scrapes but luckily my hanger did its job and snapped. The cable was pretty chewed up but I am so thankful it appears my XT derailleur is ok. Looks like I need a $20 hanger and a bike a case of beer and I should be back rolling. I walked to the road just 50 ft luckily and waited at the car for the fellas to finish their ride. Sunday Sunday I was soo sooo lazy and after eating a huge meal of steak chicken and rice I was feeling eager to do some exercise to keep loosing a little bit of weight this summer. I chose Case and got a 6pm start with my buddy Bentley at my side. I hit the dirt and my legs felt great, could not believe after 4 days straight riding they felt unscathed and ready for more. It was a really nice afternoon to ride; it was cool and felt amazing to be out. We took a big loop out and dog was hot on my tail pushing me to go faster. By the time we got near the water he started to go nuts prancing around like a queen and running in front of me asking me to get there faster so he can swim. This was not my plan to let him swim but how could I deny his ambition. A few throws and back off to the car. Extremely good riding. Peeled 3 ticks off dog when I got home. Monday location to be determined but will be riding for a 5 day streak, love my life!

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