Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lucky Number 7! I made it, with legs to spare too it's crazy. I may have ridden 7 times in a week in in Utah and not noticed since I would do double rides from time to time but I know now this has been officially 7 days straight of 90 minute + rides of pleasure. Each ride was great and unique in it's own way. Thursday was Hale with a group, friday was Hale solo, saturday Middlesex with a group, sunday at Case with my buddy Bentley, monday a ride at Crandalls for 1st time, tuesday morning Hale at 6am, wednesday Mansfield Hollow for 2nd time. I plan to keep going I guess, as long as time and opportunity continues. Todays ride was obviously heated but found water time to time and dunked myself in it. Wow I look back and every ride was great in it's own way, not one felt like a chore. So maybe 7 rides and 66.89 miles doesn't sound like much, but when you ride a rocky, hilly, rough and tough CT you feel every turn of the crank. Happy to say as well I have shed 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks and unsure exactly where it went to but the scale says so I will take that. Hit my heaviest weight this year at 194 and had no idea how it was getting put on. I love you biking, keep sharing your passion with me! I won't bother posting up every map of my ride so feel free to go to and enter driverfound337 in search if you feel like it.

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