Friday, June 1, 2012

Absolutely fantastic ride last night. I managed to forget my helmet so I ended up going home and riding Hale since I was already home and might as well. I hit dirt by 5:30 with Pandora set on Jimmy Buffet and would not have it any other way! For some of you that may take biking too seriously I highly recommend you try this out, set Pandora to Jimmy and let the good times fly. It felt so great to be outside on such a nice day, the trails are still in full blossom and so are the good times and solo smile coming from my face. It was so great to be on the new Tanuki, its amazing how good a new bike feels, especially those brakes, they're buttah. Tonight I will pedal Hale once again before the rain comes and soaks up the trails, can't wait!

Hale exterior

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