Sunday, January 1, 2017

Beginning of the end

The last week of December is here and man it's good to close it out on a good note. All limbs are intact and only minor cuts and bruises throughout the year. It has been a good year, no doubt about it, I rode all over Utah and Phoenix and tapped into Sedona and Flagstaff. I have nothing to complain about what so ever. So My wife is now off school and this allowed me to get some more travel time to less ridden locations. I headed for McDowell with a plan in place and got spinning into the cool morning to the beat of the sun rise. The first victim was escondido, a pretty sweet way to start the ride on mellow twisty up and down single track. From there it was pemberton to tortoise to wagner to granite to delsie. All kind of blandish mellow trail, legs actually get quite stiff at McDowell as it's nearly all sitting and spinning. After that I got to the good stuff, Saguaro Nest Trail was a first for me, started off plenty narrow, the way I like it. Then it was my favorite trail in the park known as Gooseneck, really like this trail! By now I was running over my ride time, I had already covered 20 miles and had plenty more to get to the car. I Hit Pemberton and wanted Bluff but ended up on Tonto. That run is such a long DH I love it, just enough grade to keep it somewhat exciting. Then the last bit to the car on shalom Wash which was a fun ride!

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