Monday, January 2, 2017

The Bonus Ride

So the weather didn't really come that evening, it was gloom and doom but when I awoke and found that my wife was going to the gym and taking the kiddo with me I checked the radar and found the valley was not getting hit hard yet. I had instant hope and left the house after they did and headed happily for Gold Canyon since the valley was filled in SMOG and this was the cleanest option. When I drove through a light sprinkle the weather was really magical. As I got pedaling into the trails it began a light sprinkle. The desert was glowing marvelously despite the lack of sun, the plants were definitely enjoying it. The views and senses were unreal the majority of the ride, it began to rain a good bit at one point and then let off. Absolutely loved this bonus ride and closed out 2016 as the best season yet. Happy new year people!

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