Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Chunk

Friday had me headed so South Mountain with the big bike to hit Geronimo. To get there I went up Mormon to National on a fast good one. I can now say I can clean all of Mormon since I finally nailed the entire mid section! Passed a few groups struggling to make the climb. Reached the saddle at a personal record 7 minutes faster than previous record! Definitely feeling good I must say, then it was on to Geronimo which was a beating but soooooo fun. Seems my chain guide spit the chain out for the second time.......some chain guide that is..... Had only two sketch moments but cleaned the entire run. With the idea of hiking up 32nd st to see what the trail was like I pedaled pavement to it. It was a heavy hike a bike and my hips and legs are still feeling it. It was brutal but man it would be rowdy going down it. Keen on ripping down Mormon but now my legs were spent and to be honest it was not worth hiking up 32nd St. Looking to add some miles I got onto javelina and then climbed up Beverly Canyon and down to the lot. Solid Ride

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