Friday, January 27, 2017

Gold Canyon Primo

Pedaled happily into Gold Canyon for my Thursday taste of trail. Cruising on in I was feeling great, perhaps best I have felt in a long time fitwise. As I went in on Cougar and over to K trail I was figuring out my loop as I went. I had the idea of some Gila Monster at the end and as I made my way onto Jodi's Dream I was cooking along as fast as my legs and one gear could. What a difference I felt as I sped around the place and really enjoyed it well. After getting back near the car I went on a nice loop on Gila Monster to Vortex to Holly Hill a really really awesome ride this one! So happy to be feeling great, my body has taken soon long to adjust to the new low carb lifestyle, but 23 pounds lighter and feeling 100% again I have no regrets

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