Sunday, January 8, 2017


After a healthy start to the week I eagerly found some free time on Wednesday to pursue a ride. Apparently many people have off this week and were enjoying their time in the outdoors. Desert Classic is not my favorite spot, but if your willing to crank for it there are some fun sections that go up and out of washes that are about all that makes it worth doing. Feeling particularly good this day was nice, I have been feeling a lot better lately relating to the diet and low carb performance. I have lost 15 pounds so far which makes me so happy! Regaining my performance has been the icing on the cake the last two weeks. Plan is to loose another 5-15 lbs but I really feel good about where I am now and we will see where it goes. So yeah feeling good on this one, really want more less gear, ever since trying an 18tooth I really like it for flatter rides, but again when I want to climb something very hard I could only get it done on 22.

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