Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thursday Madness

Wow so weather was forecasted to roll in for a soggy Thurs, Fri, Sat and I was feeling a bit bummed but have not a thing to complain about. Come Thursday and things were looking up! Weather was expecting to roll in with light rain right about ride time but with no thunderstorms looming it was game on. Torn on trail to ride I ended up at Usery for a flat fast spin. Exiting the car I found my right rear tire about 75% deflated. I didn't really spend any time feeling down on my luck, but took the jack out and got the tire changed so I would be sure to have a proper return home as to pick the boy up from the bus. As I was changing the tire, the wind kicked on and then rain. It was pretty chilly on my desert bones, I took it as a sign of lazily calling it the quits and after the tire was changed I was heading home to take care of needed things. But it was on my drive when I began to question my decision, I fumbled around back and forth and even got on and off an exit and ended with the finally decision to ride, since if I hadn't it might put a damper on the rest of my day. I ended up down the road at hawes. I now had 45ish minutes to play and off I went. It was not raining and the overcast was extremely welcomed. I went on a quick loop, added in neighborhood pavement for practicing wheelies and 8 miles instead of 0 miles I was a happy guy.

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