Sunday, January 22, 2017

Saturday Surprise

So when I was driving home Friday it rained pretty good, it got chilly and very windy, I loved it actually! A good storm rolled in and once again the forecast changed, by Saturday morning the air was chilled and white fluffy clouds were blowing by plenty of blue sky. The surrounding mountains were angry and still dumping rain and snow. It was a long shot to get the boy for a napper but I was going to try and if he did, Dad was going for a ride. Sure enough he was asleep and I ran out of the house knowing I would likely have 30+ minutes of trail time. My wife has to spend time studying and had no time to afford and I was ok with that. Hoping he would not wake much after I left I was 30 minutes down the road with a decision to ride NRA and Wild Horse. It was another absolute stunning scenery,the vegetation and the angry mountains and clouds were distracting to me eyes. I was enjoying the trail too, nice an narrow and flowing downhill for 3 miles and then turning around and going the same way back. I got notice he was awake and I had about 10 minutes to the car to enjoy before heading home to my duties. I very very much enjoyed this ride, as short as it was, very refreshing it was.

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