Thursday, January 5, 2017

Catalina Golder Ranch Tucson

Another cool morning and off I went for a sunrise ride. This time I was ehading North to Catalina just 30 minutes north of our new lovely hotel we moved to. I did my research and planned to ride the 50 year trail into a network of more technical riding. The 50 year trail was a blast, lots of single track and flow, then it climbed a bobseld run which was a bit of a challenge but the trek ate it up for the most part. The whole time I was thinking I should be descending this but I stuck to the MTB Project Advanced loop. Once Upper Fifty Year was conquered I was now on a trail not marked on trailforks. This trail was crazy tech and not ridden. I messed around on it for 10 minutes and decided I had enough hiking my bike and headed back to upper fifty year to complet the loop. This section of upper 50 year was spectacular, good descents and tech for nay level. After that work it was onto Middle Gate, another beastly techincal playground of narrow trail along the rocky hillside. I was defeated on some rollers with being on a rigid and all but I rode the entire trail mostly which was very challenging. Now that beast was over and I headed for the Chutes, it was a smooth mellow ride over to them which was welcomed by now. When I reached the chutes I was excited, it was explained as windy fun trails. It was over all too soon and really thought about a 2nd go. I decided to go and head for the car, the fast route and ride 50 year trail south. I got a taste of 50 year south and filled my time quota back to the car and was content on a good morning.

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