Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Phoenix Sonoran Preserve Amazing

So Monday came and being a holiday the wife had off from school. I had an idea to be able to run out in the morning and wife could manage the boy and take him out. With many ideas in my head I hit trail forks and wanted to ride something new. Looking at the Estrellas I ditched that idea and found Phoenix Sonoran Preserve to the north as a tasty treat. I a little research and trails were well rated and plan was set. Morning came and left in the darkness of a strangely cool humid morning. Arriving I had just enough light to see what I was doing, I must say overtime I head North of 110 I really like the spaced out quality of living. Right so off into the misty darkness the clouds were gray but clear around me. The trail began quite mellow, plenty wide and wound around foothills of a set of lil mountains. The trail stayed wide, it was a nice trail don't get me wrong, just slightly missing that sweet narrowness. It wound up a pretty big climb which was laced in loose baby heads, seemingly more tough than it should be but awkward on a rigid single speed. As I peaked man the views were astounding, the clouds and hills around me were glorious! The downhill not so glorious but all is well. Some more magical views and began to loop around and onto Ocotillo trail. Then I had to hit my connector to a neighborhood so I could same the south. The preserve consists of two mountain areas a north section and a south. I wanted to get my moneys worth so the two sample was in play. It was a speedy connection and had options and just went with my gut and wound up a good climbing Dixie Mountains North side. Just when I thought the surroundings couldn't be more spectacular they peaked. Serious views of awesome were at hand, some of the best I have ever seen, so happy. Onwards to Valle Vista and the Great Horned Owl which was really good too! Then a nice comfy ride on the connector headed for the car. What a ride, really enjoyed this one, excited to get to more new ride locations this one surprised me in a good way! Just don't expect single track which is ok by me. Seems these trails are pretty new and were built by machinery as to why they are so wide right now.

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