Thursday, January 5, 2017

TUCSON! Sweet Water Preserve

Well my Mother in law came to town and that normally means a good break from parenting duties and me and my lovely planned a two night trip to Tucson to check out the area. It turns out I was extremely fortunate and my wife obliged for me to bring my bike :) I was geeking out trail hunting over the interwebs and man I was pretty excited. There were lots to choose from, mostly I was going to go with XC over Mt. Lemmon Gnar so I could get more of a taste in comfort. I manged to fit the trek in the trunk of my wifes sedan which I did two other times now, the first time we came to AZ for her school interview and now. It's not fun but having the safety of the bike in the trunk can't be ebat. So we headed for Tucson, had a bit of a bumpy start to teh trip with a disapointing hotel and location but we could fix that. The next morning would be my time to go out and let my wife get the peace and rest she deserves. Me being the child I am could not sleep in and was out the door by 6:30 headed west for Sweet Water Preserve. It was a little network of 15 miles or so to play, I began my ride before the sun rose and it was chilly. The trail was fantastic, plenty flow and a ripping good time. I then made loops around the place, a few sections stood out, it was minimal on climbing and that was fine by me, it must be a pretty new trail system and well marked. There were tons of Saguaros, this place had a special feel to it, already loving Tucson trails. Hit my 20 mile goal and then it was off to see what Mt Lemmon had in store.

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