Sunday, January 22, 2017

Friday Fun

Here we are, I spent the morning watching the inauguration of President Trump, I must say I support him and believe he can help our country get back on track. I have for awhile now not been on board with Obama, I truly hope Trump can set out to do what he plans to and we can all benefit prosperity. Ok so the radar was busy and so far I did not expect to get a ride in Thursday but here I was looking at a good window for another ride on Friday. I had ambition on my mind and use of some suspension so I took the closest worthy mountain and west I went. I knew I was going to climb national and from there I would got Corona De Loma or Geronimo. I must say as I headed for the South Mountain I was seeing clouds over the summits. It looked like I might be able to reach them on my bike and ride in the clouds in hope. As I got pedaling up the mellow dirt road the desert was alive, colors vibrant without the blistering sun, moisture damp enough to feel. It was a pleasure as I climbed up and got to National. The climb was slightly more difficult given the moisture and I found myself getting tricked here and there for traction. As I grew closer to the clouds they kept getting further as I chased them. Then wen I hit the saddle I was just a bout 50ft from them but had to drop down to the Buena Vista parking lot. Then I made the call for Corona De Loma since riding back on dirt was far more pleasurable than pavement. It was a hairy drop but oh so gorgeous! Another overcast spectacle on the trail and it began to lightly rain. A speedy ride back on Desert classic was a delight. It had me wondering that if I would ride a XC hardtail I would really smash all my personal records on XC trails. Maybe one day, but for now I enjoy. Love this loop, January is turning out to be one heck of a great month for rides!

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