Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A pause for celebration

On saturday my in laws came into town from Utah, it was really good to see them and to let them have a go with the boy they have not seen in some time. They were in town for my wife's graduation form Uconn. I am so proud of her, she has been nipping away piece by piece at getting through school these years and this semester she won an award for excellence in her degree as well as an A in organic chemistry. She still has a hard road ahead of her with dental pre req. science courses but she well be achieving her ultimate goal by next summer when she gets to decide where we are moving for her to go to dental school. Will it be Utah, Arizona, California, CT? We just don't know, for now we are only guaranteed to remain in Coventry for another year. I was very proud to watch her graduate, she has really worked hard and will continue on the long road ahead. My in laws left on tuesday morning and when LuAnn returned I snuck out on a nice 90 minute ride over at Crandalls. It was super nice out, it has been really cool here lately and is extremely welcomed! The SS got it's first ride on the new chain and ring and it felt nice and smooth. Pretty standard loop was rode, legs were nice and strong and all worked out at the end. I could of spent two more hours out there but I was anxious to get home and spend some time with LuAnn before I headed off to scouts.
Yummy crandalls at EveryTrail
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