Saturday, May 4, 2013

Friday Crandall

Well it took me longer than I would have liked to recover from my little sickness so I got to it by Friday afternoon at 6pm. It was weird riding on a Friday night, I felt kind of bad leaving home but LuAnn understood I needed my fix. Lucky for me I have a loving understanding wife. I had the dog with me since Crandalls is not heavily wooded and he should be free from ticks by the end of the ride if all went well. Started the climb on TVA and did all the trails in good order and cranked hard and fast on the SS feeling pretty strong. Really need new pedals since the wellgos are beat, it's been on my mind a long time now and I really should just buy it but other bike injuruies are adding up. So far this season I have replaced numerous parts on numerous bikes, lets start with, fork, deraileur, hanger, cable housing/cable, cassette, chain, ring, two spokes and I am sure I am missing something. All this took place in the last 5 weeks and a toll has been taken. A good chunk of bike fund got lost but luckily time is on my side with a frame still 3-4 months out. Anyway, the ride was good, the woods are unbelievable, so nice and green and filling in. The temperature and skies have been un real. By far the nicest spring I can ever recall with any of my years in CT. This winter was so bad, I almost lost my mind I tell ya, it was not lack of sleep from the baby either trust me he sleeps extremely well from birth but it was just a nasty winter and still stressful adjusting to my new life. But the sun has rose and this spirit is soaring! Rides are plentiful for now but they will always be on the up and down but as long as rides are existing. Here I go again, ok on target now, ride ended bittersweet, I wanted more but 90 minutes did the trick and off I went with a tick free dog and home to a loving wife. The woods are bone dry, poor dog need riding glasses, time for a sprinkle.

Gimme moarrrr

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