Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday Ride

Mansfield Hollow to School House Brook 1st attempt was made yesterday. I have never set tire in Schoolhouse Brook so I was hoping for a smooth pass through. I set off at my standard start point at the Mansfield Hollow park and did my favorite and best to my knowledge trails leaving out just a short piece which I cut to add some extra time for. I was on gears and feeling super slow but was happy to have it on the hills. I made my way to the top of the highest climb and set off on new to me trail until I hit the road and crossed. I had seen a few maps that looked like I could pickup the trail again on spring hill and luckily I did so. I was still on Blue and looking to get off it quick since I think the Nipmuck trail is off limits to us but not sure. Not long into my new trails I was hopping me and my bike over massive blow downs. I got off blue and got on a beaten down grown in trail which I wondered was the right choice but kept trucking on after more blow downs. Soon I came to a post that had a named trail on it, so I got on it pronto! Kept finding more named trails and was kind of lost but in a small area but sooner or later would reach the ideal goal. I took a few trails that went to backyards which always sucks when your short on time, I wish people would not build super wide trails right to their yards, I understand clearing and making it great 90% of the way but as soon as its within view of the main trail just leave nature as it left it so I don't end up in your back yard. After more roaming I hit a road and I knew where I was and it was close enough to shoot down to the pavement and make my way to the car. Next trip out I will make this a lot smoother through the new section since I can better navigate. Schoolhouse Brook could use a few trail gnomes, there were so many trees down and so many spots that need trail maintenance, the place looked like someone once cared and then moved out of town and things went to turd. Considering how many trails markers and parking locations I am surprised the town and users have not gone in with chain saws and khakis. From here on out, every trip I plan to clear or improve what I can to revive this place. I had to use stupid ass Strava yesterday cause everytrail app was bugging out, it worked but whats up with not being able to zoom all the way out. I refuse to use it other than in this case an emergency.

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