Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday night turbo ride

As I write this post after a dentist visit with 3 less teeth and a dose of codeine I can still remember all to well last nights ride. I set off on a 30 minute pre ride since the more the merrier right, met with the fellas at 6pm. We started off in quick fashion and asserted my dominance in the last position in the back which is where I am the coziest. Little did I know how much crap was going to be kicked up into my eyeballs, it was torture the entire ride, even after I found some poor strangers sunglasses on the trail which was a gift from tha trail gods I am sure, but not enough since the damage had already been done. Despite blurred itchy sneezy vision that had nothing to do with loosing the riders in my sight. Things were smoking fast last night leaving me with a good workout and realizing all the more I will never be a super fast rider, which I am perfectly fine with. On the last stretch of the ride I stopped caring about keeping up as the sun was setting in the distance and put a romantic glow on the trees around me that was inspiring. Shortly after admiring the beauty, I got buzzed by a pair c-130's aka "hercules" a large military transport,assault, etc..... right over my head. They were flying extremely low pretty much 100 feet above tree line which was cool but scary. Finally caught up with the group as they rested and then split off from the pack on my trail to my house. Good ride, well spent after just 2 hours, I was shocked when I saw my watch with the calories burned, nearly 1800 which was a record for calories burned in two hours since I got a heart rate monitor in October. I am not sure I will do group Thursday rides anymore, I debated on going in the first place as I usually do, I like group rides, but when I feel like I am racing to keep up with the group I would rather just be doing my own thing. No ride today, wanted to this morning but I was super duper tired last night, looks like Saturday morning somewhere. Enjoy the weather and enjoy the riding.

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