Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meeting with Bob the builder

I got a email from Bob letting me know he was ready and wanted to meet with me and go over my frame details. I was filled with excitement and was set to meet with him the next day at noon. Rolling into his property I was greeted by a tree full of bikes, really cool. I have come across him on the trails behind his house once before but this was a my first formal meeting with the fella, and as expected a really nice bike nut like most of us. He showed me to his rigid geared ride to give me an idea of what he went for in his own build. Just hopping on my first Belltown filled me with excitement and made me pumped. We went over what I was looking for, and honestly I really have no damn clue, He knows far more about bikes and geometry than I ever will so with my little knowledge and his massive knowledge we put something together. The most noticeable thing this frame will receive will be shorter chain stays, a full 2" shorter. From what I am told, this will liven up the bike and give it some feel good. We decided to go with black cat swinging dropouts for chain tension which look really neat and will be structurally stronger than any other options. He is currently stalled on a demanding project so he said it won't take long to build but still could be late summer.He was very pleased how simple and straight forward I was with what I was looking for, he was very relieved as well. I have always purchased bikes and rode them, never tinkered much with fit and function, this has left me with little knowledge on form and fit so I know he has put me in good hands. So cool seeing all his hand made bikes laying around, they all have something that screams authentic and stands apart from any frams made over seas. So excited, I hope to have another frame made down the road.
Arriving, click image

black cat swinging drop outs

Ideal frame design

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