Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday Morning

Case Mountain Pond lot at 7am, the outside temperature read 35 degrees, seemed a little nuts but man did it feel nice and cool! Got cranking hard up blue, really nice out. Man and his machine were in sync as I made my way out to brich mountain. Walked with my tail between my legs through a few sections due to one gear, never bothers me much. Pretty un eventful really, left the doggy home since he was slow as could be the other day from riding and playing ball. Really good ride with lots of miles, about the only place you can get 12-13 miles in two hours. I looked at my heart rate monitor and spent more time in fat burn than cardio which was great considering I need to burn fat. So happy to be out riding, next saturday I will be on vacation for a week and then two days after we get back LuAnn goes back to school for six weeks. She will be leaving the house every morning at 8:30 so my morning rides are gone until mid July. I will probably end up riding nights which is fine by me a long as I can pull off 3+ rides a week I am pumped. Where to ride tomorrow and when? Ride with a group or go solo somewhere else, depends on the mood I guess, solo rides are good therapy. Ride on broskis!
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