Sunday, May 19, 2013

I want to ride

I guess I was expecting to ride my bike Saturday, I was healing very nicely but read up on recommended down time and decided not to risk the progress I had made so I was sidelined. Stinks after expecting 5 rides this week but ended with three, I am still extremely happy with three rides. Wet week coming hopefully it lets up to provide a morning ride tomorrow. Leaving for vacation on the 25th for a week with my family, that entails brother and his girlfriend, my friend/brothers girlfriends brother, and my mom and dad. Should be real interesting since it's the first vacation with our newest family member. I want to get a new go pro for shooting underwater stuff on vacation but not sure if I can come up with 200$ to make it happen. Once we get back on the 1st of June, LuAnn goes back to school so major bummer. Time to ride my face off this week!

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