Monday, May 6, 2013

Hollowing Monday

Undecided still by monday morning what location to ride, I made a last minute decision to keep the new flavors coming fro Mansfield Hollow was the beverage of choice. Pedaling by 6:50am it was nice and cool out, super duper welcomed by me of course. I found myself forgetting the routes I took last year and had a few head scratches but I am working on that. I love this place, especially the trail that rolls the hills east of the lake and offers some nice scenery. Looks like some official trails are now up in Lions memorial park, names bridges and all. It was a pretty nice trail while it is a lollipop it was still nice to find new stuff on a ride. Other than that I was riding what I knew and all that I think is out there. Made my way up that big ol hill across the road and wanted to head out to schoolhouse brook park and try to make a loop back to the car. I have never ridden schoolhouse brook but I believe they can be linked since blue runs to it somewhere nearby. I hate how we can't ride blue blazed, I agree in some places bikers should be off limits to the blue trail, but most places it could easily be shared users. So I started on the blue trail from the summit and started to see where it went on my gps as I rode, with a little fear of running into a elderly man in khaki shorts and a walking stick. I turned around shortly and played it safe and took the standard way home. I checked some gps maps and turns out I was on the right path and having to violate the blue trail for a 1/2 mile is a risk I will take next trip out to make to get the schoolhoiuse brook trails. Probably my 5-6th trip to Mansfield, I love it, I always say I need to go here more. Sun came out half way through the ride and it was glorious, another amazing spring day, life is good.
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