Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beat Old Dog

Oh boy, Tuesday another ride! With a last minute ride location with crosshairs on a Gay City State park start to Case and back and only itinerary was to hit ribbon trail on the way back. Loaded up the dog and I was pedaling wide highways of dirt until I crossed into Case. Looks like humidity is here to stay, this morning was exceptionally warm and humid and it sucks I hate it but whats a homie to do.... carry on. Riding SS I felt capable of today's duties, I took blue and made my way to Dragons back or Lions back whatever it is, it was nice to ride down it for a change, most the time I walk it while going in other diorecton up since I have no one to impress right. Tried to put together a certain loop but fell flat on my face in the middle of case since I have yet to figure out the spaghetti trails completely. None the less after missing a turn which for the better I missed I made my way back to Gay City in no fancy order. This is when Bentley started to fade quick, I noticed he has been not very quick on rides this year, I hate to think he is getting slower at only 4 years of age but it could be possible. He is not a high energy dog really, a very happy energetic dog when you come in the door but other than that he is a door mat. I felt pretty bad as he really started to fade on the ribbon trail. I stopped at every stream crossing to allow him to quench his thirst but he seemed uninterested, he really isn't a thirsty dog even in the hottest of weather. So with nothing left to do but truck on. It was pretty uneventful from ribbon to the car, soaked in sweat and trying to keep my dog within eye seeing distance. Great ride, was expecting 15 miles but 14 will do just fine :) Hope the weather holds for tomorrow, I would love to do a double feature but one would be more than great! Keep holding strong weather give me one more day to squeeze!

Gay to case

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