Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crack of dawn

Slept like a champ monday night luckily so by 5:40am I was well rested and ready to rock. Look out the front porch and snap a nice sun rise picture and off I went. I miss seeing the the sunrise on my morning rides but as we lose light later in the summer I will be kicking myself for saying that. Trails are starting to bloom amazingly, I really thought this winter would never end. Allergies are mild so far and thank goodness cause my first year moving back from Utah two years ago was a crap show. As I began to pedal I felt lazy, just did not feel like putting the effort in to be honest, there are those days from time to time.I startled a owl that was chilling on the ground and he flew to a nearby tree. I think owls are so cool, I rarely ever see them that close so cool beaners. I met up with Colin and got cracking for a good ride around Hale. I am getting a little tired of riding there sometimes, I am trying to keep it once a week ride there. There are other places nearby within 20 minutes but none across the street from my house. Straight forward ride with nothing crazy. I noticed the soles of my feet are hurting after rides I am not sure whats up with that but probably the amount of pressure they are getting from pushing flats as hard as I can. I was set to ride Wednesday morning but I woke up at 2:30 and felt really sick and ended up barfing which is extremely rare for me. I began feeling better but still not all well so wednesday morning ride is canceled. I am thinking if I rebound from this quick enough I could ride tonight.

Hale sunrise

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