Saturday, April 27, 2013

Adventure Time

Ok so Saturday was game time for a ride, but oh where to ride. Well a few weeks ago I downloaded Strava app. Let me just say I am not a fan of Strava, I think there are better things in the mountain biking world than competing. I get it, some people that's their thing but for me it's just riding trail on the bike plain and simple not trying to get some mountain bike KOM hard on. So let me start off by saying I downloaded it strictly to spy on my fellow riders that use the crap out of it, I use their GPS tracks and locate new riding spots and trails. Which led me to this Saturdays ride in far north CT. I have ridden Shenipsit forest a few times and never was crazy about the place but that has changed since visiting the northern section. I began off the road and quickly hit some good climbing single track and then tried to follow and find as much single track I could find. I glanced from time to time at a strava mapped ride and tried to use it while looking at my everytrail app current track to make them look the same. This was tricky but allowed me to have somewhat of an idea what to do. After riding a nice single track section I was on torn up double track looking for for narrow trail. Soon I was at a 4 way intersection and chose straight, bad idea for grade friendly riding trail but good idea for an adventure. Climbed a good size hill on loose torn up ATV trail and rode moto single track down. Nopt what I wanted to do but I then got my bearings straight as I headed for bald mountain climb. Pretty solid climb up double track until I found single track. This was when it got fantastic, nice grade and just felt good to finally be climbing a mountain and not all these puny hills we have all over CT. I got to the top and was a little let down to not have a clear view, only what I could see through the trees which were two obvious hills nearby which all three I climbed this morning. I guess the top of Bald Mountain is wimpy 1121ft but still cool by CT standards. I found more single track which was a short loop around the top and then took a mega fun steep descent into a neighborhood and then back into the park where I found more single track and had not enough time to get it all but I now have a good layout of the park and can put together a more organized future ride. Despite a phone gps in hand it was still a really fun ride exploring somewhere brand new and searching for trail. I hiked a bike quite a bit when I got lost but it was still a blast. The blue blazed trail know as Shenipsit trail runs 40 miles north to south through CT. That trail was inviting the entire ride to be ridden by my bike but like a responsible rider I stayed off it since it is hiker only. Kind of seems like a waste since it was obvious hikers were not using it today and likely never. I never saw another soul today, was my 5th ride this week and I still want morrreeeeeee! I will be back to this place soon!

Dank loop north snip

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