Friday, April 5, 2013

Kick Ass

Thursday groupy ride was on for 6pm as usual. Took off from the house on the second day on the SS and headed for a pre ride. Rain into my group on a pre ride and followed them to the parking lot. Which worked in my favor because when we did get there everyone was surprisingly ready to go. Set off to Al's trail which was a surprise cause these rides have become pretty predictable trail choices. Big wheels and little gear had me tapped out on a few quick tech ups, pretty frustrating but welcome to SS, the Belltown bike will have easier pedaling. We avoided a section due to conditions, which sent us into a open section of what used to be a forest, it looked like a bomb went off. There were millions of shards of wood, I have no idea what kind of machine causes this amount of devastation but damn! we pedaled through it and found our single track again. I noticed up ahead bikes were pointing at the punisher, the name says it all, extremely tight, hilly technical trail that eats me alive every encounter. This went pretty well actually, it was pretty soft but I did pretty well, even the geared homies made me look good on a few sections. Rode some more trails and finished it up. Another good mix of ride and good company, I hope to ride today but I have a feeling I can't make it happen. Gps brain farted on the ride home, weird.

Thurs group rip

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