Friday, April 19, 2013

Thursday Rip

Got an invite to go to Case, I took it since I am getting tired of Hale since I rode it twice this week so why not ride somewhere I have not yet this week. When I got to the lot it was Derek and Miles, two very quick riders. When no one else showed up I knew I was going to have to step up my game. We were off at 6pm and climbing hard but I was keeping up for the most part despite being the fourth day on my legs. We pin balled through the middle trails between blue and yellow in and out until we ended up on a new trail. I forget how rocky Case is, I don't know anywhere else as rock, lots of boulders lots of rocks on the trail, it is hard to believe there are lines weaving through them. The new trail had a few turn offs but none of them made any sense so I will have to work out those kinks on the next ride. Trail was pretty good, nice and twisty and not boring and hey anything new is welcomed. Back on familiar territory we soon took a turn on another trail that was brand new, this one was super smooth and a fun pedal, really good trail that I am excited to get back to. When it was done it connected double track and then shortly onto another newish trail that I have rode. I was cranking so hard to keep up with these guys and I had the tanuki helping me every step of the way. Yea they got a little ahead sometimes but nothing as bad as they can normally. Took another brand new trail which is a property line re route on behalf of the land owner and it was a quirky little trail and liked it. Really great ride last night, I performed beyond my expectations and enjoyed the crap out of it. Mabe a ride today or tomorrow trails are so goooood

New stuff @ case

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