Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1st rip of 2013 at Grayville

Looks like I signed myself up for another morning ride, schooling is in full force for LuAnn right now so morning rides keep getting cranked out and probably will for the short time before and after her summer classes. I knew Wednesday was calling to be really nice with sun and temperatures, none of that was present last night fishing with the scouts as I grumbled about the weather. With hope to see a glorious sun rise when I woke up I did not, no big deal I still trucked on and drove to Grayville. Had an familiar loop in mind and might investigate some other routes. I felt like crap, legs had no steam, 32x21 had me crawling up hills as my legs turned in slow motion. It was not my best morning by any means but I continued on for obvious reasons. I found a new trail to me across the stream, it turned out to be a cool little section with rollers. I was hoping for it to be long but it was really short, no big deal. More riding I had more choices to make, as many times I have ridden here I still don't know how all the trails work, there are more than there needs to be really and always confuses me on the far end. It was a quick ride to the other side since I know that route well. By the end things felt better but who knows what tomorrow night ride will bring, maybe gears?

1st @ grayville 2013

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