Monday, April 22, 2013

Line St with new

This was a mighty good one, but the again every ride is so fricken good. I got cranking by 6:50am with a plan to ride some of the new trails and old out to Ribbon trail in Gay City Park. The route there was being made up as I went along, I tried to take the fastest since I was on a 3 hour ride time. I might have done things differently with more time but at the end of the ride I realized I would not have chose another way cause it was good and different. Temperature was nice and cool when i got started at like 35 degrees which is perfect in my eyes and the sun rose it warmed me nicely. Single speed was brutal on me, all that geared riding last week made things look easy I guess. The new fork felt great, definitely more stiff, muchy more comfy while sitting down but noticeably twitchier while off the saddle climbing but no big deal, the best was no pedal strikes!!!!!!!!!!! When I hit Ribbon the ride really perked up and man it felt good to be on that trail I really like it. Low on time I had some decisions to make and opted for Tinti and new trails back to double track and then quick shot to the car. Ride time was 2.06 hours and 14.08 miles! That was a speedy ride for sure, while I felt slow as molasses but I love putting miles on and the more the merrier.

Line st w new to ribbon w more new

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