Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hale of the tuesday

Another fine morning ride, well good ride with mehh weather. Colin was ready to meet at 6:30 so I got out at 6 and snuck in a few miles before the ride since I was awake and ready. A little chilly this morning but like I always say mid 30's is where I like it, pretty overcast with a light mist but it was on. Raleigh was in working order and feeling normal again since riding it yesterday. Rode the goods in a pretty big mix of bouncing around trails, not really much else happened. Tomorrow morning should be the next ride, and then Thursday night if all goes well, hope I can keep this schedule up, so far I have not rode a Saturday in a long while but I take whatever I can get! I got 4 days in last week which was faaaaaaantastic!

Overcasted hale

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